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If Gin is your Religion, let Walter lead your Congregation

The original Parish of Pitsligo was created in rage and anger by Lord Pitsligo, after a rant by the minister of New Aberdour denounced the “three pits of Hell, Pittullie, Pittendrum and Pitsligo”. Lord Pitsligo left, enraged, and immediately vowed to build his own Church. This he did, in Peathill, in 1635. Here the Parish remained until 1890 when, after several disputes with the minister, the Reverend Walter Gregor and its Heritors, the original Church was replaced, using several components including the Pitsligo Pew. Continue reading “If Gin is your Religion, let Walter lead your Congregation”


Beer With a Story To Tell….

There is something brewing in the quiet, unassuming North East village of Insch, and it’s going to tell some great tales.

Beer Story, the latest in Aberdeenshire Craft Breweries, is now available and I had the opportunity to meet the guys behind the scenes.

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Lost Loch Distillery has Found its Way

There has been a deep rumbling in Deeside recently, steamrolling it’s way to the top echelons of Gin production in Scotland, with Esker Gin, Twin River and Ginkhana. One distillery, however, has set their bar of production slightly askew. It would be a disservice to the others to say higher as all the above are releasing fantastic gins, but Lost Loch Distillery, near Aboyne, is certainly doing things differently.

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5 Great Ideas for £30 at IWS

Dryanuary, Ginuary or whatever you call it, January is certainly a time for taking stock. While you mull over the year, there are bills coming in, Christmas and Hogmanay, while great, have scunnered you. Times are hard and money isn’t quite there. But you may have been lucky enough to receive a Gift Voucher from us. £30 was the average value that we sold so we have drawn up 5 of our top purchases that you may enjoy spending this voucher on in the coming weeks…. Continue reading “5 Great Ideas for £30 at IWS”

Turning the Tide on Tequila

A Review of UWA – A Scottish Tequila Collaboration.

Tequila in Scotland has a pretty bad reputation. Used either as a punishment or dare, or to help the latecomer to the party “catch up”, it has never been seen as a drink to sip, savour and enjoy.

Now a pair of North East entrepeneurs, Michael Ballantyne and Ross Davidson are looking to change the perception of Tequila in the area, and are releasing three expressions designed for the new Craft Generation sweeping the country.

Created to be served neat, over ice or as a specially created cocktail, UWA (U-wa) Tequila will be hitting the shelves very soon.

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So What if Scottish Gin isn’t Scottish?

Does it really matter……?

Charles Richard Gough, former Scottish International Captain, gaining 61 caps and inducted into his nation’s hall of fame. One of the best known defenders of all time, winner of 10 Scottish League titles, scorer of the only goal in a 1-0 victory against the Auld Enemy in 1985 and named in the Scottish Football roll of Honour in 1990. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, 1962 and raised in South Africa by his Swedish mother and Scottish father. Wait, hold up – you mean he wasn’t 100% Scottish? Why is he in our hall of fame? Surely he doesn’t deserve all this adoration and accolades! A fraud. A Con. The supporters have been duped! Or some would have you believe….

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Murray McDavid Part Two – 3 Whiskies and 84 Years Between Them!

Although they are fairly new to me, Murray McDavid have always been steeped in great whisky tradition. I didn’t know much about the company until I did some research and found their roots were well and truly planted by some of Whiskies great names. you can read a wee bit more about them in Part One.

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What Have the Irish Ever Done For Us?

The simple answer is quite a lot. Terry Wogan, Riverdance, Guinness, Potato Crisps, McDonalds….the point is that if it wasn’t for the Irish the world would be a much quieter and duller place. Continue reading “What Have the Irish Ever Done For Us?”

Murray McDavid Hit the Right Notes

They are certainly the brightest selection on our shelves, but Murray McDavid are much more than an eye catching label.

They are one of the few Independent Bottlers than offer a range of Whisky styles, from Grain to Single Malt to Blended Malt, they cross the range in style, both in appearance, selection and, most importantly, taste!

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