After the success of #ProjectAFG the boys at Little Brown Dog Distillery have been working hard on their second commercial (I use that term loosely)  release. Only 150 350ml flasks have been produced from the micro-micro distillery, based in West Aquorthies in the shadow of Bennachie.

The idea of #ProjectGPS is to produce a drink where the GPS of every botanical can be identified, locating where each forage has taken place, highlighting the great produce of the area and the hidden botanicals of Aberdeenshire. 

The beautiful West Aquorthies Farm, with Bennachie in the background

Andrew and Chris are both very proud and particular about their releases. Practising, testing and repeating the process of distillation meticulously to get what they regard as the finest cut, with the finest flavours of the region. A true reflection of their dedication to locality, hand sourcing and taste.

The second release in their Experimental series might not hit the commercial heights or production rates of the Glenfiddich Whisky series (not yet anyway!) but the care and attention given to each product is not any less passionate.

LBD recently upgraded their still from a 10 litre to a 100 litre Copper still with copper basket, a huge upgrade, relatively speaking, and will allow more experiments to take place. Working the stills in tandem, the 10 litre will continue life as a development still, with the larger still more focussed on production.

Key components of the Distillery – The Little, Large and Brown

No two releases will be repeated, that is the promise of Little Brown Dog, so this release truly is as rare as they come. Fear not though, fans of this great wee project will be seeing a core product (more than likely a Gin) coming in 2020

The ingredients’ location will all be Geo-tagged in time, allowing us all to see the beautiful flavours from the release. With only two part time workers however, this will take time. All the botanicals have been picked from within 500 metres of the still – a rare and fantastic achievement.

So here I go, opening a sample of the 45% ABV spirit. Poured from the test tube a wonderfully green, fresh aroma fills the air, to the point that my own brown dog noses the air in silent affection.

Into the glass and I get a nose of mint, cucumber and berries. Some pine perhaps but really sweet, tempting and alluring. No burn of that 45%, distilled to perfection.

On the taste that fresh cucumber and berries carry forward, with the mint taking a back step. Wild raspberries and blueberries give that lovely fruity flavours. A really juicy mouthfeel. Some citrus comes through in a creamy texture. Green notes come through on the finish, subtle but lingering. Pine and woody notes stick to the palate in a dry finish. The finish is short, which is surprising given the luscious, full on fruit and mint explosion of the palate. A wonderful neat spirit.

I’m not even sure what to call this. It’s certainly not gin! An Eau de Vie perhaps? Botanical Spirit doesn’t do it justice, it is much more than that.  There are pine/woody notes reminiscent of gin, coming from the forrest botanicals included in the mix, beech and birch leaves, wood sorell, which also gives the citrus note, and nettles.

Whatever it is, it tastes great. I think that without doubt, it will appeal to the gin drinker, but also the white rum and vodka drinker. There is lots to enjoy here, and that’s just on an initial glimpse. I cannot wait for more! And more is to come, hopefully this week – at the Inverurie Whisky Shop as well as other selected outlets.

If, like my own Little Brown Dog Lilo on the left here, you are putting on the puppy-dog eyes for some of this beautiful dram, Pre Orders are available now from Inverurie Whisky Shop by clicking here.