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Scottish Home Show – 1st Attendance


Last weekend (23rd – 25th September) saw us attend our first ever exhibition! The Scottish Home Show 2016 saw us take part with over 200 other exhibitors for the weekend and it was a great experience!

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Launch on the Loch

I always feel lucky to be asked to attend the launch of something new. To be asked to attend a launch on a cruise at one of Scotland’s most beautiful locations was something else entirely. This was where Loch Ness Gin was launched and both the gin and the scenery, were flawless.

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Two More Gins to add to the Collection?

Sometimes I do love my job! I was already planning on doing a gin review on Stirling Gin and as I was settling down to it a package arrived with another new gin from Belgium – Ginderella! Two for the price of one!

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Always A Pleasure When Morrison and Mackay are in Town

Nothing brightens up my day more than arriving to work and seeing Peter Mackay, U.K. Sales Manager of Morrison and Mackay Scotch Whisky Merchants, standing at the door patiently waiting.

It’s even better when I look to his feet and see his bag of goodies – meaning something new is here, and luckily, it’s here for me to try. Continue reading “Always A Pleasure When Morrison and Mackay are in Town”

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