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What Have the Irish Ever Done For Us?

The simple answer is quite a lot. Terry Wogan, Riverdance, Guinness, Potato Crisps, McDonalds….the point is that if it wasn’t for the Irish the world would be a much quieter and duller place. Continue reading “What Have the Irish Ever Done For Us?”


Murray McDavid Hit the Right Notes

They are certainly the brightest selection on our shelves, but Murray McDavid are much more than an eye catching label.

They are one of the few Independent Bottlers than offer a range of Whisky styles, from Grain to Single Malt to Blended Malt, they cross the range in style, both in appearance, selection and, most importantly, taste!

Continue reading “Murray McDavid Hit the Right Notes”

Mews-ing Over an English Gin

Whenever I try a new Gin the first thing I now look out for is the look of the bottle. With so many hitting the shelves right now it is more inmoprtant than ever to stand out from the crowd if you are going to be successful. A great tasting drink is simply not Continue reading “Mews-ing Over an English Gin”

This Is Gin A VIP Event

A Fantastic Night Was Had By All….

The Udny Coffee Apothecary Hosted a Fabulous Event

When Karin McGivern, Co-Creator and author behind the new This Is Guides asked me to be a part of their first release – This Is Gin, I jumped at the chance. Continue reading “This Is Gin A VIP Event”

5 Great Value Drams to fend off the January Blues


The January blues are upon us. Credit Cards to pay off, an extra week till payday, all the Christmas Booze gone over Hogmanay and back to work. It isn’t the most pleasurable of times, especially with the bitter cold coming in.

It doesn’t have to be all bad though does it? Here are five budget whiskies that won’t break the bank and will give you a tremendous warmth in these chilly times. Forget Dryanuary, we’re all for Tryanuary – give it a go at these prices all under £40. Continue reading “5 Great Value Drams to fend off the January Blues”

Scottish Home Show – 1st Attendance


Last weekend (23rd – 25th September) saw us attend our first ever exhibition! The Scottish Home Show 2016 saw us take part with over 200 other exhibitors for the weekend and it was a great experience!

Continue reading “Scottish Home Show – 1st Attendance”

Launch on the Loch

I always feel lucky to be asked to attend the launch of something new. To be asked to attend a launch on a cruise at one of Scotland’s most beautiful locations was something else entirely. This was where Loch Ness Gin was launched and both the gin and the scenery, were flawless.

Continue reading “Launch on the Loch”

Two More Gins to add to the Collection?

Sometimes I do love my job! I was already planning on doing a gin review on Stirling Gin and as I was settling down to it a package arrived with another new gin from Belgium – Ginderella! Two for the price of one!

Continue reading “Two More Gins to add to the Collection?”

Always A Pleasure When Morrison and Mackay are in Town

Nothing brightens up my day more than arriving to work and seeing Peter Mackay, U.K. Sales Manager of Morrison and Mackay Scotch Whisky Merchants, standing at the door patiently waiting.

It’s even better when I look to his feet and see his bag of goodies – meaning something new is here, and luckily, it’s here for me to try. Continue reading “Always A Pleasure When Morrison and Mackay are in Town”

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