Whenever I try a new Gin the first thing I now look out for is the look of the bottle. With so many hitting the shelves right now it is more inmoprtant than ever to stand out from the crowd if you are going to be successful. A great tasting drink is simply not enough anymore. If people don’t like the look of the bottle they won’t buy it and your 5 star liquid simply sits on the shelf like an ugly puppy at the pound.

Mews English Distillers have gone for a very simple, but attractive modern design. The bottle shape is basic but different enough to catch the eye and the label deign is striking. The blue-silver was top is also an attraction, albeit a struggle to open (adult supervision and a knife are needed!). So the bottle stands up. What about the liquid.

After eventually hacking through the wax and popping the cork I was met with a very pleasant, Citrus based aroma with floral hints and an obvious coriander punch. The juniper was clean, slightly sweet and not overpowering.

Once poured into a Glencairn Glass (my favourite first time tasting/nosing vessel) and allowing the air into the Gin I got more floral notes, a hint of liquorice and a deeper juniper note. Orange peel came through much stronger and was more distinct than its lemon/grapefruit counterparts.

To taste this neat was very pleasant. An initial pepper spice quickly made way for a very pleasing flavour. Distinct orange peel notes and a sweet pepper (pink peppercorn?) Maybe some mint? Liquorice is certainly there, adding a depth and sweetness more obvious on the palate than the nose.

The oily, viscous texture let’s the flavours cling to the side of your mouth and leaves a long, warm and dry finish tinted with orange and grapefruit flavours.

I added a splash of Walter Gregor’s tonic, which is fast becoming my go to mixer. The initial pepper heat disappeared and this turned from a smooth sipping gin to a very refreshing long drink. A lovely citrus medley created a tangy Tutti Frutti flavour which was wonderful. The finish became very short but mouth-wateringly moreish. A fantastic combination.

A Refreshing Long Drink 

To garnish I would imagine something citrusy may be overpowering – maybe an orange peel or lime peel at most. A cracked vanilla pod may help the sweetness or some mint would certainly compliment the refreshing long serve.

All in all this is a very high quality gin, created using a vapour infusion method by a father and son team in Surrey. It was great to try this and it will certainly feature in a future Gin of the Month at the Inverurie Whisky Shop!