A Fantastic Night Was Had By All….

The Udny Coffee Apothecary Hosted a Fabulous Event

When Karin McGivern, Co-Creator and author behind the new This Is Guides asked me to be a part of their first release – This Is Gin, I jumped at the chance.

Seeing our own collection of Gin available in the shop rise ten-fold in a year (6-60!) We knew Gin was far from hitting it’s peak and there is still plenty of waves to ride. A further 16-18 Registered Gin Companies in the first Quarter of 2017 alone tells that story all by itself.

Having the privilege of writing the foreword for the maiden book release I was asked along to the Udny Coffee Apothecary to help host the maiden VIP event. Karin and Scott Donald – the creative mind behind the book wanted to host a Thank You evening for those who had helped get the book on the market, and for some who were in the first few buyers group.

The event was a fantastic night of networking, questions and answer sessions and, of course, sampling some of the wonderful new gins released in the last few months. With a range of ages, gender and a few non-gin drinkers included – it was a clear indication of one of the main reasons for the Gin Renaissance. There simply are no boxed categories for the Gin Drinker anymore. The middle aged single spinster days are gone – it’s a new era and there are no boundaries.

I was delighted to see the ‘hands-on’ approach everyone took in getting ready. Everyone who came in the door introduced themselves and immediately followed up with “Is there anything I can do to help?” This really sums up the current Gin Family. There are no ego’s here and everyone pitches in to help set up. (Hopefully a certain multi-million pound distillery intend on making enemies sees this and decides it’s better to muck in rather than stand alone.)

Steve Duthie (Esker)

First up after the introductions was Steve and Lynn from Esker Gin. Showing off their initial 1 Litre Still which was used for the first experiments of Esker’s youth. News of a new distilling premises is very exciting – although no timescale is in place yet but it does show that the demand for more is out there which is always an encouraging sign. We (they) served the Esker neat first, then with Fever Tree and Orange peel.

With Nick and Emma Smalley from The Teasmith at another event it was down to Karin and I to tell the story of what is – at the moment – my favourite gin on the market. Inspired by the local and relatively unknown links with Tea (See my Teasmith Review Here) the Teasmith has gone from strength to strength and will surely become a big player in the craft gin scene. Served with Walter Gregor Tonic and Mint, this is a really refreshing drink, personally I prefer it neat and slightly chilled.

teasmithScott Donald introduced some fantastic ideas behind the This is Gin story – unfortunately
for those
walls only but it really does sound like an exciting time to be involved. All I will say is – if you have bought your book get it registered online and keep your eyes on your emails!


Our last Gin(s) of the evening came from El:Gin, their traditional fruity gin with hints of berry and infused with oatmeal. The was served with Raspberries and Apple for a really nice fruity concoction. We also sampled their Moray Berry release which is a berry laden gin liqueur and very easy to drink. This went equally well neat, with ice or as a fizz with Prosecco.

Being asked to be a part of these kind of events is an absolute pleasure for me – especially since this time last year I had no Gin experience at all and was very much onto the Whisky. My hand may have been forced initially due to customer demand but now it is a very welcome and easy persuasion.